Whether it be waterfall hunting, summit seeking, or camping, adventure awaits in the outdoors.


Scenic mountain views, alpine lakes, picturesque waterfalls and everything in between.


Join me for hands-on workshops in the field. Group and One-on-one available.




Do you want to go for hike? Because I do.... with tents, crampons, stove, and cameras. You name it, I'm game. Your portrait sitting atop a 300ft. cliff, I'm in. Show your friends you've found the most epic waterfall to stand under, let me grab my keys! 

I'm a freelance Adventure/Lifestyle/Portrait photographer with a flare for the outdoors. Let's meet and discuss the right location, the perfect mood, and set out to capture it. Whether you're a retailer looking to promote your outdoor clothing line, a rock climber wanting to showcase your skills, or even an outdoor fanatic looking for an epic capture for your social media...

Let's discover the outdoors, and tell your story.