The Mountains Are Calling

On a day like today, I sit at my desk going through spreadsheets, analyzing numbers, and reviewing accounts, while the outdoors get placed on hold. Today is the day numbers don't add up, someone disputes a charge, or a spreadsheet has a "loss of formulas" moment and I am set back a few hours to re-do what I just finished high-fiving myself for accomplishing. Am I the only one that has these day? Probably not, but at times it definitely feels like it.

So what do you do on days like this? When nothing seems to go right in your "regular" life? I take my mouse in hand, move it to the top left corner of every screen, and I use my right pointer finger to take me to a better place with a few simple clicks. I'm left with the glory of my desktop background from just one epic adventure, and life just seems to all make sense again. I take a breath, imagine the cool mountain air, and get lost in the moment...... even if it is only just for a moment.

**SNAP** Back to reality.

That few minutes of losing myself in a memory always makes the day a little easier, the week a little shorter, and the feeling of being back out in nature, just that much closer.

When the work day is finally done, I get in my jeep, listen to a few songs, hope to catch a sunset along the way, and finally arrive at home. Now the real fun begins...

I sit at my computer, with only a day left till the weekend, eager to search for my next destination. I have my process, like any photographer searching for their next shot, but I'm always looking for new "undiscovered" locations in a variety of ways. How do you search? Do you have a ritual you value, keep secret, and find great joy in? Is it the worst part of the process, or the best? What is your process?

Once I've found my location(s), gear planning always comes next. Am I prepping to get wet? Am I camping in a tent or the Jeep? Will it be hot? Cold? Do I need to bring ropes or waders? I make my decisions, lay out my gear to make sure I don't forget anything. After I check and double check each item, I'm all packed, and ready to go.

Friday comes around, and thinking about the road takes hold. As the last few minutes of my day come to a close, the weekend is finally here. I've scouted, I've packed, I've uploaded, and downloaded, I'm ready. All I have to do is press that button, and head out. The mountains are calling.

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